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Do we have to pay to create iOS apps?

I received this question in several occassion. I'd better write the answer here for others with similar question.

Short answer : YES, if you want to become serious iOS developer. How much? $99 annually.

Long answer:

Why Should We Standardize Process Diagram?

non standard business process

One of the reason BPMN exist is to standardize how we draw business process diagram. Without standard, one can draw business procees in many ways, often not understood by others.

To illustrate it, below are several diagrams for the same process I found on google.

In BPMN Gateway is NOT Decision!

gateway vs decision

In a BPMN diagram, a diamond shaped element as shown on the diagram above is called gateway. In a conventional flowchart, a diamond represent a decision. What is the difference between gateway and decision?

A decision involve an activity to determine the condition, whereas in BPMN, gateway is alternative sequence flows


Interrupting vs non-interrupting Event

contoh bpmn interrupting event

Interupting dan non-interupting event hanya relevan pada intermediate event, khususnya boundary intermediate event. Silakan baca dulu artikel ini untuk mengetahui intermediate event :

Interrupting event adalah event yang menghentikan suatu task/sub-proses sedangkan non-interrupting event tidak menghentikan task/sub-proses yang sedang berjalan.

Naming Convention for BPMN Activity

In general, task activities in a BPMN diagram are named with the following pattern : verb + noun, example

  • Sent Document
  • Entry Customer Data
  • Review Proposal

Name a task conciestly, 3 to 4 words or 5 words maximum. Actor name is already clear in a diagram, need NOT be written in a task name. Write "send document" instead of "send document to Helpdesk"

If, an activity is a sub-process, the convention is to name the activity with the process name, i.e. noun such "Employee Recruitment"


RACI Diagram

sample RACI diagram

One of possible outcome of BPM work is RACI diagram. RACI stand for Responsible Approved Consulted and Informed, referring roles of actors/business unit towards activities in a business process. Indeed, when an actor performed an activity it can be one (or more) of those category.

Using RACI diagram, we can see who are related and what kind of responsibilities.

Using tool like Visual Paradigm, creating RACI diagram is very trivial. Just right click on a diagram and select Utilities->Generate RACI from popup menu


How to Use Keychain In Swift

Username and Password, if need to be save, don't store it using NSUserDefault or in CoreData! Use Keychain instead, it is safer.

With a litle bit of googling, we can find somebody has already written a wrapper for this work here. Below I show you how to use that wrapper